Structural Engineering Consultants

Structural Design Consultants For Every Structures

All construction must be strong, durable, and secure. It does not, however, imply that beauty or aesthetics should be sacrificed. To develop building structures that are trustworthy and sturdy, we combine creativity and in-depth technical understanding. Due to our extensive experience, we can foresee and handle your difficulties. Whether it’s iconic structures or smart structures, we engineer them with precision and forethought. 

We are the leading structural engineering company in the UAE, and our staff can meet even the most difficult demands with long-lasting, meaningful structural engineering solutions.

Our designers employ integrated analytic, bim modelling, and drawing tools to deliver seamless structural engineering designs as industry specialists. When this method is applied to other design disciplines, such as architecture, building services engineering, and quantity surveying, it leads to better coordination and speedier evaluation of new projects. We collaborate closely with architects, project developers, building owners, and builders to realise a project’s overall vision while providing practical structural solutions. Realistic, coordinated services are designed to maximise value and save construction time, regardless of the sector, scale, location, or structural material.

DSI has its roots in the UAE, where commercial building design development is fast-paced and demanding. Many initiatives test the frontiers of architecture, technology, and physicality. Experts from a variety of nations have been drawn to the UAE for its dynamic building environment and for the challenges of working in a complex constructed environment. Design Solutions Inc is the leading structural consultants in the UAE providing our clients with dedicated structural engineers and a team of experienced professionals that evaluate, analyze and recommend the best model for your projects. We provide reliable and cost-effective structural engineering solutions that meet all our client’s requirements.

Our highly qualified structural engineers are equipped with modern and advanced structural design technologies what makes DSI the best structural consultants also in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi We have extensive expertise in both areas and beyond, as well as the capacity to solve difficult problems and the flexibility to adapt to new technologies and design techniques. Long-span and high-rise structure design, seismic zone design, and the integration of structures and building services, as well as sustainability measures in all building types, are all areas of our competence.

Why Choose Us Your Structural Engineering Consultants ?

To create fascinating, efficient structures that exceed expectations, structural engineers use imagination, insight, inventiveness, and a dash of technical brilliance. Our structural engineers’ reputation among architects, builders, and experts ensures that we can provide remarkable design solutions at an exceptional value. Working with our structural engineering expertise, you may accomplish your vision without sacrificing practicality or efficiency, owing to sophisticated structural testing procedures and rigorous study of materials, methods, prices, risks, and sustainability.

Structural engineering must be a creative input to the design and build services process when constructing complicated three-dimensional forms and geometries to achieve full integration and coordination of aesthetic and physical features. This is entirely dependent on the creation of engineering ideas that comprehend and simplify the design, as well as tight collaboration with the architect, manufacturer, and other design disciplines. We discover innovative solutions to tough problems, repeatedly validating Design Solutions’ comprehensive engineering approach.

Experts as Structural Design Consultants

Our structural engineers are highly experienced and knowledgeable in structural design, building renovation and construction  from small buildings to multi-unit developments, and low-rise long-span buildings to super high-rise towers.

Value for Money Solutions

We provide value for money solutions by offering competitive rates, quick turnaround times, and superior quality of work among all structural engineering consulting firms while maintaining the highest standards of safety and engineering excellence.

State-of-the-Art Technology & Techniques

DSI uses cutting edge technology and techniques to ensure that each project is completed with precision, innovation, and efficiency as a structural engineering company providing our clients with a truly world class service.

Our Structural Engineering Services in the UAE Include:

  • Every factor, from materials and construction processes to prices, risk, and sustainability, is meticulously examined.
  • Using advanced tools to test buildings and their performance is one of our structural engineering services.
  • Even the most difficult conditions may be built-in.
  • Art installations, temporary buildings, and prominent landmarks.
  • Design and analysis of high-rise construction.
  • Design and study of industrial buildings.
  • Analysis and custom house designs.
  • Peer review services.
  • Structural fabrication drawing services.
  • Structural shop drawing services, and much more. 

Design Solutions, Inc. is a prominent structural engineering consultant in the UAE, specialising in civil, commercial, residential, industrial, geotechnical, and environmental projects. In the domains of structural engineering design and analysis, DSI performs turnkey fit-out construction for detailed design projects.


1. What is structural engineering?

Structural engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on the design, analysis, and construction of structures such as buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure. Structural engineers work to ensure that structures are safe, functional, and capable of withstanding the loads and stresses that they will be subjected to over their lifetime.

2. What is the role of structural engineering consultants in building services?

Structural engineering consultants play an important role in building services by providing expertise in the design and analysis of structural components of the building. This can include designing the structural framework that supports the building’s MEP systems, ensuring that the building meets safety and code requirements, and collaborating with MEP engineers to ensure that the building systems are properly integrated.

3. When should I hire a structural engineering consultant?

It is important to hire a structural engineering consultant early in the design process, especially for complex or large-scale projects. This can help to identify potential structural issues and ensure that the project is feasible from an engineering standpoint. Structural engineering consultants can also provide valuable input during the construction process to ensure that the structure is built safely and according to code.

4. How do I choose a structural engineering consultant in UAE?

When choosing a structural engineering consultant in UAE, it’s important to look for a company with a strong track record of success and experience in the type of project you’re working on. You should also consider their level of expertise, their ability to communicate effectively, and their willingness to work collaboratively with other members of your project team.

5. What services do structural engineering consultants offer in UAE?

Structural engineering consultants in UAE offer a wide range of services related to the design, analysis, and construction of buildings and structures. Some of the services they provide include structural analysis, feasibility studies, building design, construction supervision, and project management.