Building Engineering Services

Delivering a Full Suite of Building Engineering Services

A building should be comfortable, delightful, functional, efficient, and secure for its occupants. Excellent building services engineering can transform any space into a creative and inspiring environment. Being the leading building services engineering company in the UAE, Design Solutions Inc offers services across the entire building project life cycle, from the implementation of detailed design to fit-out and facilities management to the final closure phase. Expert solutions from a top building services consultancy like ours can significantly improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of a building while also influencing the health and wellbeing of its occupants. Our skilled and well-experienced team with an extensive knowledge base in construction processes and expertise spanning different industries ensure that we deliver highly customized services tailored to clients’ specific needs. 

By analysing the requirements of the building and the client’s objectives, we create, design, and implement cost-efficient MEP engineering services (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), electrical (extra-low voltage or ELV, fire alarms, wiring, lighting installations, etc.), and plumbing (water supply, drainage, fire fighting, etc.) engineering systems.

An Innovative Approach to a Cosy Indoor Environment

Our building services engineering decisions are grounded in a holistic approach that balances financial viability with environmental sustainability. We always strive to ensure the solutions from our proficient building services engineers will be integrated into the overall commercial building design right from the onset of the construction cycle. With ecologically sustainable development principles, our expert consultants provide assistance at every stage of the building lifecycle.

Our team of building services engineers, structural engineers, architects, and quantity surveyors work closely with clients to provide customised consultancy services with global standards for designing comfortable, sustainable building environments, regardless of the building’s size and type. 

We know that everyone dreams of an energy-efficient building with a reduced carbon footprint. That’s why we offer innovative and end-to-end building engineering services to our clients like bim modeling services which focus on operational excellence, cost-efficiency, energy efficiency, and quality of the internal environment.

Why Choose Us Your Building Engineer?

DSI’s Building Services Engineering produces cost-effective strategies that are tailored to your project requirements. We bring together aesthetics, functionality, comfort and sustainability in order to create the best possible outcome for your project. We provide the highest quality construction consultancy services in the UAE, offering a comprehensive range of building engineering services for all your engineering needs.

Expertise and Experience

Our team of building services engineers are experts in their field, producing environmental strategies and building engineering system designs that are both efficient and comfortable. We have extensive experience in a wide range of projects, from medical facilities to leisure centers and many more.

Environmental sustainability

Our team of experts engineering consultants use the latest technologies and techniques to develop innovative designs and systems for your projects, ensuring optimal performance with minimal environmental impact.

Cost-effective Solutions

We offer cost-effective designs that are tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our experienced building services engineering consultants team will work closely with you throughout the entire project to ensure a successful outcome. We guarantee quality results at a competitive price point.

As one of the top Building Services Consultancies in the UAE, our mission is to provide holistic design solutions to construct sustainable built environments for people and communities where they can thrive and create a positive difference. We have successfully completed projects in various property sectors, including healthcare, education, residential, industrial, commercial, and retail. Our concern for quality and our pragmatic approach to project management services, together with our excellent budgeting and schedule management skills, help in the triumphant fulfilment of everything we do. 

With Design Solutions Inc., you can expect the following benefits, but are not limited to:

  • Complete, innovative, and integrated building engineering consultancy services
  • Sustainable, energy-efficient MEP solutions with accurate energy-saving calculations
  • Building engineering services provided by experts with comprehensive knowledge and experience in emerging technologies
  • Our acquaintance with local authority objectives gives us an edge when it comes to meeting all statutory and best practice requirements
  • Providing end-to-end building engineering services that enhance the performance and sustainability of all types and sizes of buildings
  • Designing and implementing cost-effective MEP systems, ELV systems, and fire-safety systems that can be easily maintained throughout a building’s lifespan


1.What is building services engineering?

Building services engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of various systems within buildings, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and plumbing. These systems are essential for the comfort, safety, and productivity of building occupants.

2. What does a building services consultant do?

A building services consultant is a professional who advises clients on the structural engineering design, installation, and operation of building services systems. They work closely with architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners to ensure that these systems are efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective.

3.Why is building services consultancy important?

Building services consultancy is important because it helps ensure that building systems are designed and installed to meet the needs of occupants while also being energy-efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective. It can help avoid problems such as poor indoor air quality, high energy bills, and equipment failure.

4.How can building services consultancy help with sustainability?

Building services consultancy can help promote sustainability by designing and specifying systems that use renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and geothermal heat pumps, and by optimizing energy efficiency in heating, cooling, and lighting systems. This can reduce carbon emissions, save money on energy bills, and improve the overall environmental performance of a building.

5.What should I consider when choosing a building services engineering consultancy?

When choosing a building services engineering consultancy, you should consider their experience, qualifications, expertise, and reputation. Look for a best engineering consultancy that has a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects and has experience working in your industry or sector.