UAE Pavilion

Facing the Al Wasl Plaza, which lies at the center of the 200-hectare exhibition zone, the UAE Pavilion – whose design is inspired by a falcon in flight – represents the UAE to the 25 million visitors and participants from over 180 nations who are expected to visit the Expo 2020. It has been one of the most visited Pavilions at EXPO 2020.

DSI’s senior member Ramseed Mohamood was the MEP Engineering team lead for this project and had successfully seen the project from Pre-concept to Commissioning. 

The architectural uniqueness of the project had required thought-through engineering design solutions – be it the location of the engineering plant locations or the final service terminal outlets. The engineering solutions had to be critically modeled and performance verified prior to the actual implementation in design. It also required careful selection of stand-alone, bespoke selection of terminal units to ensure ID visualization of the space was never compromised.