The timely resolution of multiple issues is critical to the success of building projects. Such initiatives frequently require communication between property owners and end-users, as well as governmental authorities, planners, and contractors. As a result, many construction project owners entrust the administration of their projects to Design Solutions, a highly qualified and experienced firm. Each project is viewed as a one-of-a-kind endeavour by us. 

We strive to customise our services or products to meet the needs of each particular customer and project. We manage human resources to guarantee that our projects are executed on time, on budget, and of the highest possible quality. To do this, project managers collaborate with owners, designers, and contractors to plan, execute, and complete construction projects.

Design Solutions offers effective planning, preparation, risk analysis, management, procurement, execution, and project control. We help our clients define their objectives, identify their risks, and provide proper management, control procedures, and systems that match their needs. We also make certain that their infrastructure is well-managed and deployed.

Our diversified team of specialists enables us to handle extremely complicated and demanding projects following the best practices laid forth by major accredited organisations such as the Project Management Institute. We provide our customers with the most cutting-edge technologies and tools available, allowing them to make quick and informed decisions while anticipating any difficulties that may arise over the life of their infrastructure.

Why Choose Us?

Working with Design Solutions, a top-notch project management company in Dubai, has a lot of advantages. We work with seasoned professionals that can help us finish projects on time and within budget. Our project managers help you avoid common project mistakes and offer cost-cutting strategies. Overall, our PMs speak for you and prioritise your needs.

 Our top specialists collaborate with you to create and implement project strategies while setting clear objectives. Our project managers ensure that the entire team is working together to achieve a unified goal. Design Solutions’ skilled team takes on a project’s pressures and challenges while offering time and cost-saving solutions.

We also assume extra obligations in our area of competence and collaborate with you as a trusted partner. This allows you to take advantage of our expertise, knowledge, and understanding to execute a project successfully. Throughout the process, we will support you and keep you updated.

We organise and control the entire project from start to finish as the most reliable project management company in the UAE. Another major advantage of selecting us is the priceless information and experience we provide. We examine the aim and then map out a path to get there safely. We determine the essential pit stops along the journey, allocate responsibility, and establish a schedule. Once a map is created, we operate as an energizer until the project is done efficiently.

Design Solutions offers integrated and interdisciplinary services across the full life cycle of a construction project, from early feasibility studies to tendering and procurement, building, testing, and commissioning, as well as technical services and integrated facilities management during the operation and administration of the built facilities.

We are responsible for:

  • Planning
  • Managing and controlling engineering and construction resources
  • Ensuring profitability
  • Assured quality
  • On-time completion